Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Sentimental Circus Mascot


Shappo made an appearance back in 2012 in his caravan event. We all know that Shappo is cute but when he/she is magnified, we love him/her even more! The quality of the mascot is amazing too! San-X really did a great job making these suits. We are crossing our fingers for San-X to create more outfits for Sentimental Circus characters. We really wanna see more of Shappo in different costumes!

We are still trying to figure out Shappo's gender. Does anyone know? 

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Humanized Mouton!

credits: @pacifique (deviantART)

Sentimental Circus Mouton's fan art!

We are very much into Sentimental Circus and we are really happy when we found this fan art of Mouton in human form! Look at how handsome he is!!! Especially the hair color and eyes. The whole color composition really made the whole thing so dreamy and anime like.

We have yet to find a Shappo version that makes us go "WOW!" but if you do have one, please share it with us!!

Feel free to share even if it is other characters, we love them all!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

An Introduction to Sentimental Circus

センチメンタル サーカスの紹介

The story behind the Circus

From San-X Japan (English):

After the whole town is felt asleep quietly, neglected abandoned toys are awaking one by one and gathering together.."Kuro", performer of the rolling globe."Mr. Bear", performer of the tightrope walking."Pigu" & "Mamo" performer of trapeze acts.And when "Shappo", impresario, appears, the curtain of the mysterious circus, "Sentimental Circus" goes up somewhere again.

photo credit: San-X 


1. Shappo (シャッポ)
Role: Ringmaster of Sentimental Circus.
He wears a small black hat with the word "Master" on it and in it, he carries his threads, needles and poker cards. Surprisingly, Shappo loves craft works!

2. Toto (トト)
Role: Juggler
Shappo's closest partner! Made by Shappo.

3. Mr Bear (Mr. ベア)
Role: Cyclist
A bear that lives at his own pace and made of tin!

4. Kuro (クロ)
Role: Rolling globe performer
He loves round stuff.

5. Pigu and Mamo (ピグ&マーモ)
Role: Trapeze performers
Twin monkeys filled with curiosity!

6. Piyo Barenina/ Piyo Ballerina (ピヨ バレリーナ)
Role: Ballet
They are 3 talkative sisters who love to go to the dressing room.

7. Poni/ Pony (ポニ)
Role: Hurdle jumper
A hardworking wooden pony who is troubled by his own short legs.

8. Rio/ Leo (リオ)
Role: Hoop jumper
The largest plush among the toys! His mane is detachable to become the hoop that he jumps through.

9. Muton/Mouton (ムートン)
Role: Acrobat
An easy going elephant who turns really active during the performance!

And there you have it! The short story of Sentimental Circus. Hopefully someday we'll get to see them perform in the middle of the night!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Sentimental Circus Calendar (May)

Sick and tired of your plain looking work or school calendar? 

Use this Sentimental Circus Calendar from San-X instead to brighten your month! 

photo credits:

*can you spot Toto?*

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Welcome to Sentimental Circus!

Sentimental Circus is a series of characters created by San-X, Japan. 
The cute main character, Shappo seems to be a rabbit (seems to be a gothic one too), is the leader of Sentimental circus team. 

There are many other cute characters in the circus team! At this point of time, we do not have much information regarding all these characters! However, tell us which character below caught your interest! =)

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