Monday, August 4, 2014

Sentimental Circus September 2014 Release

センチメンタル サーカス 


Sentimental Circus - Little Red Riding Hood theme

This is the 14th release of Sentimental Circus. This "Little Red Riding Hood" is the side show in the midst of the usual circus act and it is also Shappo's first attempt at puppetry. In the act, Shappo is the Little Red Riding Hood; Toto, Pigu and Mamo are acting as the wolves; Kuro and Poni are acting as Grandma. This marks the start of a little sad fairy tale. 

credits: San-X

Themed pencil cases and pouches.

 credits: San-X

To our surprise, the book look a like is actually a pouch! We will be bringing this item in! It's really creative to turn the book into a pouch! The tote bag also looks very dainty as usual but the addition red ribbon makes the bag pop.

credits: San-X

Shappo looks so cute as Little Red Riding Hood and Toto doesn't even look like a big bad wolf to us. He looks so harmless. We are definitely getting some of these plushies to our store for sale :)


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    1. Hi Shirley! Just send us an email with the items that you are interested in and we will help you pre-order the items :)